Should you photograph the homeless?

January 12, 2017blog, Should you photograph the homeless?

Should you photograph the homeless?   My decision Photographing the homeless has become one of the most controversial subjects in street photography. It can be hard to get a definitive answer as everyone has their own personal take on the situation. Personally I made my decision a long time ago and that was not to. I’m … Read More

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 4)

March 30, 2016blog, Vintage Japanese negatives

This may be my last batch for a while as the price of these vintage Japanese negatives has gone through the roof!
Luckily I purchased a few before this happened, but now it’s become ridiculous and i’m not paying silly money.
A recent pack of 30 negs (which did include some war related ones) went for nearly $1000!!!

Bangkok – City of Angles

February 2, 2016'City of Angels', blog

I still remember the first time I arrived in Bangkok (or Krung Thep as the locals call it) it was as hot as hades, moving at one hundred miles an hour and extremely noisy. The first thing that hit me, apart from the cacophony of smells was the complete lack of anything resembling order.

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 3)

December 27, 2015blog, Vintage Japanese negatives

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 3) Here is batch 3 of my Vintage Japanese Negatives series together with the original paper folder they were placed in after processing around 80 years ago. Notice the lovely picture of a Contax on the front. Bit of a mixed bag this batch. There a few what I would call … Read More

Fear of street photography!

November 20, 2015blog, Fear of street photography

Fear of Street Photography I think you’ll agree that it can be quite disconcerting to be spotted whilst trying to capture that decisive moment. Does the person look angry? are they smiling? Should you take evasive action? More often than not I never actually realise i’ve been spotted until I get home and check my … Read More

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 2, part 1)

November 8, 2015blog, Vintage Japanese negatives

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 2, part 1) Carrying on with my vintage Japanese negatives series here is the 1st part of batch 2. This batch contains a lot of negatives so will be posted in 2 parts. Sadly there are quite a few stuck in their glassine sleeves and some that have been damaged. Nevertheless … Read More