Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 4)


This may be my last batch for a while as the price of these vintage Japanese negatives has gone through the roof!
Luckily I purchased a few before this happened, but now it’s become ridiculous and i’m not paying silly money.
A recent pack of 30 negs (which did include some war related ones) went for nearly $1000!!!

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 3)

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Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 3) Here is batch 3 of my Vintage Japanese Negatives series together with the original paper folder they were placed in after processing around 80 years ago. Notice the lovely picture of a Contax on the front. Bit of a mixed bag this batch. There a few what I would call … Read More

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 2, part 1)


Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 2, part 1) Carrying on with my vintage Japanese negatives series here is the 1st part of batch 2. This batch contains a lot of negatives so will be posted in 2 parts. Sadly there are quite a few stuck in their glassine sleeves and some that have been damaged. Nevertheless … Read More

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 1)


I recently acquired over 100 vintage Japanese negatives dating from the early 1930’s. It’s quite a job sorting through them as some are still stuck in their glassine sleeves, where they have no doubt been for the past 80 years or so!