Travel photography

I have just recently returned from a glorious one month’s photographic trip to Thailand and Japan. Total rest and relaxation was the order of the day and I intended to make the most of it.

Travel has always had the effect of helping me re-evaluate the way I work. It recharges my batteries and revives my flagging inspiration, basically it gives me the opportunity to completely disconnect from my regular way of life.

It’s one of the best ways i’ve found of pressing an internal reset button.


Travel increases knowledge widens perspectives, is both educational and in my opinion a truly wonderful thing to experience. It has changed my outlook on life, altered some of my habits and even created new ones. In short it’s pure fuel for my creative fire.

Interacting with another culture can also help with confidence as it’s a lot easier to approach people if they think you are just a tourist on holiday with your camera. You could even invent a new persona as no one knows you.

Always remember when traveling a smile goes a long way.

Green tea, Nikon D700, watch and Japanese money pictured.


Personally I like to travel alone when I’m photographing. I just prefer it that way. I can make split decisions and go exactly where I want. If something takes my eye I can run after it without the fear of loosing anyone in the process and if I want to stay put for a few days I can. It has to be about total relaxation and enjoyment.

I can take time with my pictures, often happily sitting for hours in one spot. Safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to be anywhere in particular at a certain time. I also love people watching.


If only I could just figure out a way to travel permanently and give up work altogether. Hmmm I wonder…


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