Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 2 part 2)

I never know quite what to expect when scanning these Japanese negatives and this batch has produced some of the best results so far.

There are a few that scanned really well and look georgeous considering their age and condition.

They were obviously very proud of their Chevrolet Roadster as there are many pictures of the family draped around it. I suspect they must have been quite well-to-do as they kept horses and dressed very smartly as well.

vintage japanese negatives chevrolet roadster

I love this picture. You can bet he was quite the man about town.

vintage japanese negatives family by car

Mum looks a bit austere!




Pulling a funny face for the camera!





I’ve looked at this picture quite a few times and have only just noticed the two young children on the left hand side.

japanese-glass-man -boat

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 2 part 1)…


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