Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 3)

Here is batch 3 of my Vintage Japanese Negatives series together with the original paper folder they were placed in after processing around 80 years ago.
Notice the lovely picture of a Contax on the front.

Bit of a mixed bag this batch. There a few what I would call ‘business men shots’. There are also some nice family moments as well so it’s pretty well balanced.


Vintage Japanese negatives packer



When I look at these photographs my mind tends to naturally weave a story around them. I’d love to know just what these gentlemen were doing here?


I like this photo of a young couple relaxing on their veranda outside their house. It’s less formal than many of the other pictures and shows a more personal side to Japanese life.



I love houses built from wood using lots of glass. Especially within a woodland setting. I’d love to see more of this one.


Traditional Japanese footware and Kimono adorned for this photograph.


Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 2 part 2)…

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