Japanese vintage negatives batch 4 packet

Vintage Japanese negatives (batch 4)

Here is batch 4 of my Japanese negative series together with the original folder they were placed in around 85 years ago.

Notice the lovely picture of the Rollei’s on the front. I’m sure these packets will be collectible in their own right one day?

This may be my last batch for a while as the price of these vintage negatives have gone through the roof. Luckily I purchased a few before this happened as i’m not prepared to pay silly money.

A recent pack of 30 negs went for nearly $1000! Too rich for me.


I think the negatives are in remarkably good condition and scan pretty well considering their age.

I love looking at their clothes which I suspect were quite fashionable in their day. We always wear our sunday best to be photographed don’t we!


The garden looks well tended and nicely walled with bamboo fences.


It’s strange to think that if this baby were 1 year old then they would be around 85 if they were alive today?




I just love this street scene and the way the lady on the right is desperatly hanging on to her child!

I just wish there were more like this one as I would love to have seen the shops a bit more.

Notice the Newton rings on his trousers. This is due to using normal galss to flatten the negatives instead of the vastly expensive anti Newton glass diffusers. I can live with it.




Mother and grandmother feed the baby in what looks like a shrine?


Japanese negatives batch 3…



  • Hi i’m Mary and I just wanted to send you a quick note. I came from your Youtube channel to your Vintage Japanese negatives blog posts and truly love what you have done. I love looking at old negatives/pictures and the ones you scanned are really atmospheric.

    You also have a great eye for a picture which shows in your slideshows. I have subscribed and will be returning in the future for sure.

    • Thank’s Mary, Glad you like the posts. It was a real labor of love.
      I’m glad you have subscribed as I update frequently.

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