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Photography Classes Near Me: Workshops & Photo Walks

Are you looking for a digital photography class in your area? iPhotography is an online photography school that offers both virtual courses and in-person photography classes, workshops and photo walks in the UK.

Scroll through this guide to find out more about our online classes, workshops and photo walks.

Our digital photography courses are available to join right away. Whereas iPhotography workshops and photo walks are special events hosted on selected dates and locations.

Online Photography Classes by iPhotography.com

What Online Photography Classes are Available?

Online photography classes are the best way to improve your photography without being bound by lesson times and mandatory appearances.

iPhotography is an online training academy that helps beginners and amateur photographers achieve their dreams from simply taking better photos to becoming a professional and earning money from their camera.

Our approach is simple; we aim to support, motivate and educate all our course members. Taking an iPhotography class means you don’t have to change your lifestyle to fit us in, we’re flexible around your life and once you join a course, you’ll have lifetime access.

In our virtual photography classes, you decide when you want to learn. Work through the modules in your chosen course and complete any tests along the way to building confidence in your knowledge. You can share your photos with your teaching team in the gallery, so you know you’re on the right track.

Online Photography Classes by iPhotography.com

Online Photography Workshops

If you don’t live in the UK or in-person workshops aren’t your thing then we’ve got a great alternative that is just as helpful.

iPhotography PLUS is a monthly subscription platform that, though separate from our course membership, is a great combination to upgrade your training.

Joining our PLUS club means you’ll get access to watch our 2 monthly photo critique videos, as well as join in our LIVE group chats and quizzes as well as a regular webinars and Q&As.

We’ve hosted lots of LIVE events online before to give PLUS members tips about wildlife, portraits, landscapes and more. It’s a great chance to ask a pro photographer questions live on the stream and get direct answers wherever you are in the world.

Even if you miss one live event, chances are it’ll be recorded and waiting for you to watch back in our iPhotography media library.

Join an iPhotography Photo Walk

Another type of photography class that iPhotography offers is a simple photo walk. Hosted in the UK we regularly meet up with photographers like you at different locations and take a stroll around taking shots and chatting about photography.

It’s a much more laid back, casual and chilled out way of practising photography. You’ll be joined by at least one iPhotography tutor to lead the walk. They’ll be on hand to answers your photo questions, queries and even try out some cool photo techniques with you.

We’ve hosted photo walks in London, Liverpool, the Peak District, Cotswolds and  Yorkshire previously with great success. Have a listen to what our course members thought to their photo walks in the video below.

Photo walks generally last around 3 hours and take in numerous iconic locations for you to practise your photography skills.

The iPhotography tutor will be on hand as part of your intimate group to answer any photography questions. It’s also a great chance to meet other photographers and pick up some of the best tips for shooting the location and other types of photography.

What You Need on a Photo Walk

Don’t worry about what camera you have, it’s all about how you use it – and if you’re not sure, we’ll help you out!

Whether you’re coming to a workshop or photo walk, a camera with manual settings such as a DSLR or Mirrorless will help you achieve more creative images, but there are no limitations on what type of camera you need for attending a photography workshop near you.

Feel free to bring along a tripod, filters and even a flash. Remember spare batteries (you’ll take a lot of shots) and extra memory cards too.

Our photo walks and workshops last a while, but it’ll go fast, so it’s advisable to pack a snack and something to drink too. Don’t forget to dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather.

iPhotography Photography Workshops and Photowalks


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