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iPhotography develops innovative training products, tools and services that complement its photography courses and helps aspiring photographers develop their camera skills even faster.

Flip Cards photography cheat cards

Flip Cards

iPhotography Flip Cards give you instant access to all the essential camera settings, shortcuts, cheats, tips, tricks, and techniques at your fingertips, so that you can instantly tackle any photo opportunity like a Pro

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iPhotography Light Tent

Light Tent

iPhotography’s Foldable LED Light Tent is the all-in-one mobile photography studio that allows you to capture pro standard photos at a fraction of the cost

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iphotography challenge box

Challenge Box

iPhotography’s Challenge Box includes a variety of challenges, exercises to help you improve your skills. Packed with photography challenges, games and tutorials.

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diamond collage of photographs on a white background


iPhotography Presets Packs are a one-click solution to your photo editing demands. Cross-compatible with Lightroom Classic, Creative Cloud and Luminar!

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Wellbeing for Photographers book by

Photography Book

Wellbeing for Photographers is a book to help you improve your confidence, self-esteem and anxiety around photography. 15 worksheets are included to try.

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Look the part with our iPhotography branded merch and clothing. A great way to show off the world’s best photography community and shoot in style.


All iPhotography courses have been developed and proven to help beginner and amateur photographers develop higher-level photography skills and gain unshakable camera confidence – fast!


Photography Course

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