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Master Luminar In Just 2 Hours!

If you’re a beginner to Luminar then this online course will quickly help you uncover its incredible power and dramatically transform your photography.

Crafted by course instructor Emily Lowrey, this easy-to-follow training gives you the inside knowledge and skills you need to edit your photographs and achieve miraculous results – at light speed.

With every tool, button and feature explained and demonstrated there is nothing you won’t know about Luminar after this essential training.

Luminar Photography Course for Beginners
Luminar Photography Course for Beginners


This course has been designed to teach complete beginners the most important pro-level techniques and how to use the powerful Luminar AI photo editor like a pro.

In just 2 hours, you’ll be constructing truly mind-blowing photo effects in Luminar that you never thought possible.

The Vertical Toolbar in Photoshop Explained by


The Vertical Toolbar in Photoshop Explained by

Navigation and Layering

The Vertical Toolbar in Photoshop Explained by

sky replacements

The Vertical Toolbar in Photoshop Explained by

Brightness & Contrast

The Vertical Toolbar in Photoshop Explained by



iPhotography Luminar course gives you full start-to-end training, leaving no button or feature untouched.

Each lesson gives you a clear demonstration of Luminar’s tools and lets you see them in action.

You’ll get all the important training you need with this online Luminar course. Every lesson is optimised to focus on the best way to enhance your photography. 

In just 2 hours you’ll know as much about Luminar as any Pro!

Luminar Photography Editing Course BeforeLuminar Photography Editing Course After
Luminar Photography Editing Course Screen


As you work through the course, you’ll have a professional photographer by your side in Emily Lowrey.

Using our special ‘Edit With Me’ virtual Luminar simulator you can follow along with Emily in real time to understand exactly how to create astonishing edits in Luminar.


Emily Lowrey

Professional Photographer

Emily is a self-confessed photography ‘nerd’ Emily who loves nothing more than exploring new camera gear and technology.

Being a busy wedding photographer she needs powerful photo editing software that can keep pace with her lifestyle and client demands, which is why she chose Luminar.

As big Luminar enthusiast, Emily knows the software inside out.

Through this beginner-friendly course she reveals everything she has learned from years of editing in Luminar and producing fast, outstanding results for her clients.


Click the tabs below for an overview of what you’ll discover inside each module of the iPhotography Luminar Course:

Meet Emily Lowrey your Luminar course instructor and get an overview as to what this online training covers and what you'll need to begin.

Learn more about the library structure and tools in Luminar to arrange and store your photos for faster access and findability.

Start off your photo editing by getting to grips with the essentials panel in Luminar to make basic photo adjustments such as exposure, contrast and saturation.

If you want to get more technical with your photo editing in Luminar 4 module 4 shows some of the more advanced tools available to improve clarity, drama and detail.

Let Luminar do the hard work as Emily Lowrey shows you some of the AI enhancement tools that made Luminar famous. Sky replacements and skin retouching are incredible.

Learn how to tweak the hues, tints and shades across your whole tonal range of an image in module 6. Play around with hue, saturation and luminance to make amazing edits.

Not all photos work in colour so why not learn how to improve your black and white editing in module 7 as Emily demonstrates how to adjust colour sliders to improve monochrome images.

Transform your landscapes at the click of a button. Take a further look at all the presets and options available to make sky replacements look authentic and amazing.

Add a little bit of atmosphere to your backlit images with the use of light rays.

Take a look at the wide range of Luminar LUT (look up tables) and how they can change the style of your image instantly.

Dive deeper into the Luminar AI tools with portrait enhancements. Smooth skin and add soft highlights to portraits with a quick click.

More advancement in the professional panel of Luminar gives you access to tools for detailed refinement and creative colour.

Got a distraction on your photo? Learn to use the canvas clone and heal tools to remove any problems quickly.

Add more creativity to your images in Luminar 4 by adding multiple layers. This could be for compositing, multiple exposure effects or more complicated image adjustments.

Need to go back a few steps in your editing or love you edit so much you want to replicate it? Learn how to do all the in module 15.

Take advantage of more presets in module 16 and discover the Looks panel in Luminar to play around finding a new style in your photography with exceptional consistency. 

Got your edits completed? Time to share it with the world, so find out the best tips and settings for exporting your images for different purposes.

Lesson 1 of 3 in this series of 'Edit with Me' tutorials. In these special lessons, you'll get to follow-along with Emily in real-time using our virtual Luminar simulator as she shows you the steps for professionally editing a landscape photo in Luminar.

Lesson 2 of 3 in this series of 'Edit with Me' tutorials. In these special lessons, you'll get to follow-along with Emily in real-time using our virtual Luminar simulator as she shows you the steps for professionally editing a portrait photo in Luminar.

Lesson 3 of 3 in this series of 'Edit with Me' tutorials. In these special lessons, you'll get to follow-along with Emily in real-time using our virtual luminar simulator as she shows you the steps for professionally editing a travel photo in Luminar.

Wrap up this brilliant Luminar 4 online training course for beginners and recap on everything you've learnt before you pick up your graduation certificate.

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20+ lessons

Downloadable Resources

Step-by-Step Training

Edit in a Virtual Simulator


Luminar Presets Pack


Sign up to the iPhotography Luminar course today and you'll also get a free set of custom-built Lightroom Presets.

With 1-click you'll be able to apply professional grades edits to your photos that will WOW clients, friends and family.

iPhotography Luminar Preset Offer
iPhotography Luminar Preset Offer
iPhotography Luminar Preset Offer
iPhotography Luminar Preset Offer


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Is this Luminar 4 course suitable for beginners?

Yes, it was designed to take beginners through this powerful photo editing software and teach you how to use it like a pro!

Luminar 4 is packed with wonderful features and AI tools, incredible effects, and can function both as a photo organizer and as a photo editor.

What will this Luminar 4 course teach me?

This online Luminar 4 course will teach you all of the ins-and-outs of using Luminar.

Including all of the main editing modules, Essentials, Creative, Portrait, and Professional, and all of the sliders and how they change your image.

You will also learn how to use LUTs, Luminar Looks, Luminar AI including advanced sky replacements, portrait enhancing and improvements, and other advanced features

Within this course you’ll also get access to our special ‘Edit with Me’ tutorials, which allow to you edit alongside an official Luminar ambassador and learn the software in a real world editing environment.

What else is included in this Luminar 4 course?

Along with 19 Luminar lessons, you’ll also get a free set of 4 Luminar Presets, which you can install to help make your editing even quicker.


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