Learn the buttons, tabs, menus and sliders that Are Essential for Photographers

Photoshop is the pinnacle of photo editing and design. Its powerful engine gives everyone the ability to produce magazine-worthy photos.

But for beginners, Photoshop can be overwhelming and confusing. Even experienced users overlook the powerful tools in Photoshop that would speed up their workflow and make a big difference to their photography.

That’s why we created this special Introduction to Photoshop course, which has been designed specifically for photographers.

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Discover every essential button, tab, menu, and slider that you need to rapidly enhance your workflow and your photography

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By the end of this beginner-friendly online course, you’ll know all the essential tools, buttons, and features in Photoshop that will make you a fast and effective photo editor.

This streamlined course cuts through the clutter and confusion and shows you the specific tools, features, buttons you need as a photographer, so that you can tackle any project with ease and confidence.

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You’ll start by discovering the basic workspace of Photoshop and how to customize it to suit your needs. Everytime you open the software, you’ll have all your essential panels and tabs at hand for fast editing.

Each module unlocks a new area of Photoshop to explore. Starting with the Menu Bar, you’ll learn how to open, close, save, convert, resize, transform and make basic image adjustments.

You’ll see clearly and close up what each essential tool does and when to use it in photo editing (and when to avoid it too!).

As you work through the course, you’ll learn advanced tricks such as text masking and how to layer multiple photos.

You’ll discover Content Aware AI, selection lassos, brushes, erasers, retouching tools and how to crop your photos perfectly. 

There are no long-winded step-by-step tutorials, just a simple, clear demonstration of the essential tools of Photoshop for photographers. 

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Affinity Photo for Desktop Introduction Course for Beginners by

Stephen Walton

Internationally Published Photoshop Editor & Tutor

Stephen is an experienced Photographer and Photoshop designer and wants to share his skills with you!

After years of daily Photoshop use in high-end photography studios, Stephen knows all the tricks in the book that photographers like you need to know to become confident Photoshop users.

Through this fun and unique course, Stephen breaks down over six educational modules on how to do everything you need to make your photos look amazing.

By the end of this course, you’ll be fully prepared to get creative with any photo editing project in the future.


Over 6 modules, you’ll master how to use the vertical toolbar, Camera RAW, layers, adjustment masks, filters and lots more tools, tips, tricks, and techniques that photographers use for fast and professional editing in Photoshop.

Start off this introduction course to Photoshop by discovering what you'll learn about and some of the amazing edits you'll be able to make along the way.

Find out the 4 key areas of Photoshop and what they offer. From the Document Workspace, Vertical Toolbar, Menu Bar and Layers & Panels there's no essential tool for photographers this course doesn't cover.

The Menu Bar may look quite busy and complicated but not after you've completed module 3.

Everything from File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, Filter and Window drop down menus will be explained so you'll be able to find the tool you need for photo editing straight away.

The Vertical Toolbar is the most commonly used feature of Photoshop.

As a photographer you'll need to know how to make simple and complicated selections, crop images, straighten horizons, use paint brushes, add text, gradients and make simple adjustments using dodge and burn tools.

Module 5 shares with you how to make your photo editing a little more creative and detailed through the use of layers. 

Learn to stack multiple images on top of each other and use blending modes to bring out stunning details.

Find out how to use layer masks, adjustment masks and other panel tabs such as the history tool, actions, characters and more.

To conclude this incredible Introduction Course for Photoshop beginners we'll look back on all the amazing tools you've learnt and give you the best send off for future photography editing projects.


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Are you ready to become a skilled Photoshop editor?

By the end of this foundation course, you’ll be a confident Photoshop user. No technique will phase you. Instead, you’ll be able to look at photos more creatively, knowing you can transform them like a professional!

You'll Get:


6 Modules

6 easy-to-digest Photoshop Introduction course modules developed by an experienced pro photographer and tutor.


Special lessons show you how vital tools and buttons work setting you up for future creative opportunities.


Keep personal notes of everything you learn in each module. You can download them and read offline anytime.


Lifetime access to our incredible private feedback gallery. Upload your edits and get feedback from fellow members and tutors.


We offer a full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are at all unhappy with the iPhotography Composite Course, for any reason, just let us know and we’ll issue a full refund.


Do I Need to Buy Photoshop to Take this Course?

Yes. Having a subscription to Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) is necessary to be able to follow along to this introduction course.

Taking the course without the software will make it harder to practise the same techniques as your course tutor. Other, similar softwares, won’t carry all the same tools and features as Photoshop which will make training compatibility harder.

Sign up to a Photoshop/Lightroom Creative Cloud subscription here.

Is this Course for a Beginner?

Yes! We’ve designed this course for someone who’s never opened Photoshop before but is very passionate about learning photo editing.

Maybe you’ve just got a Photoshop subscription but you’re not sure where to start – this course is for you. Maybe you’ve been using Photoshop on and off for a while but you never really branch out of using the same 2-3 tools – then this course is for you.

It’s the ideal course for total beginners to Photoshop!

Which Version of Photoshop Do I Need?

This Introduction Course for Photoshop Beginners was produced using the latest Photoshop CC. If you are using a standalone version of Photoshop (i.e. non-CC) you may find some tools featured aren’t available with your edition.

As Photoshop is updated with new tools and features, we’ll also update the course so that you always have the latest training available.

How Long is the Course?

This course is around 5 hours of pure video based tutorials, which means you’ll get through it in less than an afternoon (or even faster if you use the in-built video speed up options!). Importantly, it is completely streamlined and designed to get you results quickly (and there are no module tests either). Sign up now and you can become a Photoshop editing whiz within a day!


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