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Master the Most Popular Software with our Range of Online Photo Editing Courses


iPhotography’s photo editing courses have been designed for beginners and delivered by expert instructors. Each course comes with downloadable images so that you can learn alongside your instructor while developing high-level photo editing skills.

In our Most Popular photo editing course for beginners discover the all essential Adobe Lightroom skills & professional tricks for perfect photo editing. This course covers Lightroom Classic Desktop with a bonus module for Lightroom Mobile (iOS and Android).

Lightroom Photography Editing Course for Beginners by

Lightroom Course

In our Most Popular photo editing course for beginners discover the all essential Adobe Lightroom skills & professional tricks for perfect photo editing. This course covers Lightroom Classic Desktop with a bonus module for Lightroom CC Mobile iOS and Android users.

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Online Photoshop Course for Beginners Digital Art by

Photoshop Course

Unlock the insider secrets & skills, over 36 tutorials, to become a skilled Photoshop artist.

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Online Photography Classes by

Edit With Apps

This beginner-friendly Edit Photos With Apps course teaches you how to become a fast and nimble on-the-go photo editor. Master 10 different mobile editing apps.

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Luminar Photography Editing Course for Beginners by

Luminar Course

Uncover Luminar’s incredible power and dramatically transform your photography. Edit photos with the most powerful and efficient editing software Luminar.

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Affinity Photo Course

Learn everything a photographer needs in this Affinity Photo Desktop Intro course. We’ll show you how to use all the essential tools and panels to make your edits amazing!

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Tiger in the moonlight in a forest

Photoshop Composite Course

Advance your passion for Photoshop and learn skills for photo compositing. Create incredibly detailed fantasy, conceptual and surreal photographs in less than 2 hours.

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Photoshop Introduction Foundation Course for Beginners

Photoshop Introduction Course

Get familiar with the workspace, panels, menus, toolbars in Photoshop in this foundation course for total beginners.

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iPhotography™ provides more than just online photography courses. The moment you sign up to a course, you’ll unlock a whole range of extra benefits that make your learning faster, more fun, and more engaging than typical online courses.


Access a whole library of extra training, resources, worksheets, and downloads to support your learning.


Upload your photos to our private gallery and get feedback, support and recognition from our expert tutors and fellow students.


Practical photography assignments with full tutor support so that you can put what you're learning into practise.


Earn badges as you progress through your courses and engage in our community. Badges are great motivators!


Take part in our regular, fun photography challenges and annual contests. Win courses, gift cards and valuable equipment!


Gain professional photography certificates that help you stand out at job interviews or earn promotions. They look impressive on the wall too!


Built-in note taking technology enables you to take and store your course notes online. Print your notes with 1-click or download as Word files.


Use our interactive camera simulator to quickly and easily understand every button, dial and setting on a typical DSLR, without having to read lengthy manuals.


Edit your photos like a pro using iPhotography's built-in online photo editor. No need to pay for expensive editing software like Photoshop!


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Do I need any experience before starting iPhotography's courses?

No, you don’t need any experience. Our entry-level Courses are designed for absolute beginners and keen amateurs.

The language used is designed to be simple to understand and the course interface intuitive and easy to follow with no complicated jargon.

Do I need any special equipment to take these courses?

No. Of course, we assume that you at least own a camera. Ideally a camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) with manual controls would be perfect for any of our courses, but other than this you do not need any special equipment to take the course.

How long do I get course access for?

iPhotography is one of the few online photography schools that gives you full, unrestricted LIFETIME access, along with FREE course updates for life.

We firmly believe that once you’ve paid for a course, it should be yours to keep! So, you’ll have the peace-of-mind assurance that you’ll always be able to refresh yourself on the latest photography techniques.

Best of all, we continually add new resources, tools and features to our learning platform, so this is an investment that increases in value the longer you are a student!

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Photography Course

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