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Still Life Photography Tutorial by

Secrets of Still Life Photography

Improve your product photography right now with out top tips and revealing secrets to still life photography. No experience nessecary!

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10 Street Photography Tips for Beginners by

Street Photography Tips for Beginners

Want to improve your street shots or just know how to take interesting images in the city? Get our 10 TIPS perfect for beginners.

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Photoshop 1

What is Photoshop? – A Beginner’s Guide

Always been confused and overwhelmed by Adobe Photoshop? Don’t worry! Discover what it can do for your photography and get an AMAZING bundle on all our Photoshop courses

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Sony alpha camera on black background

Camera Brands: Best Camera for Beginners

Not sure which DSLR or Mirrorless camera to buy? Discover the 6 most popular manufacturers and the best cameras for beginners they make.

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Creative Crop Photography Guide by

Creative Crops for Photographers

Looking for a creative way to crop your photos? Minimalist, half and quarter crops are AMAZING ways to style your photos. FIND OUT HOW!

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Place catchlights between the 10 and 2 position of a clock

Catchlights in Portraits

Without a catchlight, your photos can look flat and dull. Giving the eyes a little magical light will make your photographs stand out. Read –

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posing men blog image man leaning against a wall paper distressed in white tshirt and jeans

Posing Men for Photographers

We’ve got some great tips on how to work with male models and tricks for posing men in your portrait photography. Ideal for new shooters.

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types of paper for printing photos

Types of Paper for Printing Photos

Do you know what the best types of paper for printing photos are? Find out what’s the best between matt, lustre, glossy and satin photo paper

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Photoelasticity for Photographers

Try out this amazingly creative photoelasticity indoor project using your camera, tablet device and some simple props from around the house.

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Zoom Burst Effect Photography by

Zoom Burst Effect

Add a sci-fi effect to any photo by adding a zoom burst. By slowing your shutter speed we’ll show you how to create some amazing light trails.

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HDR Photography Tutorial by

HDR Photography

A great guide for landscape photographers! Get pratical camera and editing tips. Learn how to improve your shots with HDR Photography.

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Photographing Glasses - Good Example

Photographing Glasses

To avoid reflections and flares when photographing glasses it’s a case of understanding your angles. Let us explain and show you how.

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Creating Combo Photos

Add a little humour to your photography and create combo photos inspired by photographer Stephen Mcmennamy @combophoto on Instagram.

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Spring Photography Tips by

Spring Photography Tips

Wake up from the winter slumber with our 7 AMAZING spring photography tips to awaken your creative eye with nature and wildlife!

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Sunset Photography Tips by

Exposure Compensation

Get all the answers to improving your photos in tricky conditions by mastering the exposure compensation dial in this guide for beginners.

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What is iPhotography blog feature image

What is iPhotography? What We Offer and How to Join

Discover what iPhotography can do for your photography. See what courses, membership and FREE bonuses we offer all our course members.

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Popular Photography Websites and Apps by

11 Websites and Apps for Photographers

11 of the best online tools for photographers to increase your productivity and improve the look of your photos on social media

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photography gadgets led light panel 1

Photography Gadgets: 6 Top Accessories to Keep You Inspired

We’ve got 6 amazing photography gadgets to ease your workflow and make taking photos way more fun! Read, watch or listen to our favourite 6!

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How to Think Outside the Box as a Photographer by

How to Think Outside the Box

Use these TOP 10 TIPS for creative thinking. Look through your viewfinder at everything differently; angles, perspectives, crops and colours!

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How to Size Photos for Social Media by

Sizing Images for Social Media

Make each photo you upload to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which this quick guide to the best sizes for images on social media

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Home Photography Projects by

10 Home Photography Projects

Stuck at home? Looking for something creative to do? Check out our 10 EASY home photography projects to do on your own or with the family!

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