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An apple iPhone showing the instagram application alongside other instagram printed logos. Instagram is a popular social media application for sharing images and videos

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Photography Hashtags

Discover the top photography hashtags that can boost your Instagram game! Copy and paste our best landscape photography hashtags and more.

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5 Best Tripods for Photographers Blog 4

5 Best Tripods for Photographers

Check out this list of our Top 5 BEST TRIPODS for photographers based on their features, popularity, and user feedback.

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Male hands image using the Old vintage 35mm film Negative Viewer to see a frames on the sunset background

35mm Film Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

Interested in 35mm film photography? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at what is 35mm film, what you need and how to get started.

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How to Create a Starburst Effect

Let me show you how to create a starburst effect. Using a small aperture setting and a slower shutter speed you can capture sparkling effects

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Photographer is with camera. Young girl is on the field at sunny daytime having nice weekend.

Why Photography is Good for Your Health

In this article, we’ll explore the 7 reasons why photography is good for your health and how you can get started with this creative hobby.

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Image Copyright Patrick Zaidan (iPhotography Student)

What is Bodyscape Photography?

Bodyscape photography focuses on capturing the human body as a form of art. Discover how to take amazing bodyscapes in this beginners guide.

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Image: The Vulture and the Little Girl, Copyright Kevin Carter, 1993

Kevin Carter Photography

Discover Kevin Carter’s photography. Get the true story behind his famous photo ‘Vulture and the Little Girl’ and his impact on photography.

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Close-up of the stabilization of the switch button in a modern lens, macro photography

What is Image Stabilisation?

Image stabilization (IS) helps reduce or eliminate the effects of camera shake and vibration. Find out how to use it best and when.

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iPhotography Logos Made by Looka

Top 5 Photography Logo Maker Websites Online

Discover the top 5 photography logo maker websites online, empowering you to create a captivating logo that reflects your brand’s essence.

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What is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio, is a mathematical concept can be used to create beautiful photographs following aesthetic proportions. Find out more here.

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Some beautiful flowers growing during the early spring in the Netherlands, taken with a fisheye lens with intentional barrel distortion.

What is Lens Barrel Distortion?

Lens barrel distortion is a common optical aberration that affects the shape of a photo captured by a camera lens. Read the full guide here

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Young couple in love relaxing in car trunk by autumn lake drinking tea from vacuum flask. Man and woman travel by auto. Young man and woman enjoy fall landscape

Full Guide to Commercial Photography

Discover the captivating world of commercial photography. Get tips for shooting with brands, businesses and lifestyle product photography.

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World Photography Day by

World Photography Day

World Photography Day is 19th August and a great chance for photographers this wonderful hobby. We’ve got 3 ways to mark the occasion.

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Action camera on a green background on a sunny day.

10 Best Action Cameras

Looking for an action camera? Here are our picks for the 10 Best ACTION CAMERAS available. Protector kits and top features to look out for.

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Wellbeing for Photographers Book Mock 1

Wellbeing for Photographers Book

Find a positive mindset as a photographer. Get your hands on Wellbeing for Photographers book packed with tips, tasks and worksheets.

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Adobe Photoshop on a Macbook air screen. Editing photos on a laptop

Best Laptop for Photo Editing

Discover the Best Laptop for Photo Editing. Full guide on what to look for, best specs, OS, processors, photo storage and graphics card

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Image: Copyright Bruce Davidson

Bruce Davidson Photography

Bruce Davidson is an American photographer known for his documentary and street photography. Learn about his life, work and photography style

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iso button on a camera shot on a black background

What is ISO for Photographers?

What is the purpose and meaning of ISO? Let me show you how it works, when to use it correctly and how to minimise the image of digital noise

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DSLR Camera iPhotography (16)

Ultimate Guide to the Best Camera for Professional Photography

Want to get the best pro digital camera? Check out this guide to the best camera for professional photography. Specs, tips, list and more.

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Newest Apple iPhone 12 pacific blue color and Apple iPhone 11 mint green color in hands

7 Mobile Photography Tricks

Want to take better photos on your iPhone or Android? Check out my 7 mobile photography tricks ANYONE can use to capture AMAZING PHOTOS!

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Young man with camera on color background. Mentoring for photographers

It’s OK to Make Mistakes as a Photographer

It’s really important to properly understand that it’s OK to make mistakes as a photographer. THIS IS WHY MISTAKES IN PHOTOGRAPHY ARE GOOD!

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